A harrowing message from a heartbroken family

When you lose a loved one, whether it's a family member or friend, the impact of that loss can be immense. While it is difficult to accept when that special person has left our lives, the grieving process can be processed much better if we feel that person was able to have a long and full life. We accept and understand much better when a life is lost to diseases like cancer or heart conditions, but when someone is lost to addiction and mental illness it's difficult to find the right way to process the loss. 

A loss impacting the community 

Mental illness and addiction oftentimes go hand-in-hand and the individuals suffering more often than not are hopeful for a way out. The crisis that has taken a hold on the area has awakened many to realize that these are two illnesses that do not discriminate. Anyone reading this can probably think of a few people they know that have been suffering from the struggles of mental illness and addiction. In recent years, we have been able to learn from the families of those who lost that the battle was long and hard, but times were not always bad. A local family and community are grieving the loss of an individual who long suffered from the two diseases, and the family has a message.

Remember the good times 

The obituary of Trevor Graves began making its way around social media on Tuesday night. Living in the area my entire life, I knew who Trevor was, but I did not know him on a personal level. My wife and many of my friends knew him and grew up around him and his family. There are many people mourning this loss. I see pictures circulating of him and am hearing stories of good times that were shared in Trevor's presence. In reading the tribute to his life from his family a few lines stood out to me, and served as a good message to anyone that is suffering, or has someone they love suffering from mental illness and addiction.

In those blissful periods of sobriety throughout adulthood, Trevor lived a beautiful existence. As a father, son, brother, friend, co-worker…he was a joy to be around. Trevor loved people. And they loved him right back

Via Duncan Graves & Lancaster Morgan Funeral Home Page
Via Duncan Graves & Lancaster Morgan Funeral Home Page

The powerful message sent by a grieving family 

In the moments following the loss of a son, confidante, and father, the family was able to acknowledge that there were great moments with Trevor. To be able to recognize and cherish those moments during the early moments of grieving is a tribute to their love for Trevor. The family used some of the final lines in Trevor's obituary to share a message with everyone, and it is profound.

we ask only that you contemplate the countless victims of addiction and mental illness and please keep them in your prayers.

Nobody fights this alone

Take the words from the Graves family as a reminder that we all need to be more compassionate and understanding from time to time. The battle for individuals and families in the grasp of addiction is never ending and takes a massive toll on those supporting a victim. I wish the family well as they work through the process of memorializing Trevor and know that I have already heard countless positive stories and moments from his life, from others who knew him.

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