The answers await you in this new video!

The Ghosts of Carmel Maine channel featuring Kent Burris and the Lamb House, are paranormal investigators, who break down the history of historical hauntings and the study of the paranormal, right here in the greater Bangor area.

In their most recent video, they tackle one of Bangor's most famous landmarks, the West Broadway home of our most famous resident, Stephen King.

The Ghosts of Carmel Maine conduct a paranormal investigation outside the Stephen King House searching for answers to the question a lot of people have...Is the Stephen King House really haunted? The answers may shock you!

At Stephen King's house, you just can’t drive down West Broadway in Bangor, without seeing someone gawking at this house (trust me, I know. I live right in the neighborhood.) Just about every single day, when I drive past that street, you can see at least one parked car on the side of the road, and a group of people taking pics, trying to jump the fence, or just being super happy to be there in general. Living near there, it's all normal to me, but folks from all over the world descend there to get a look.

No Stephen King investigative tour is complete without stopping by Mount Hope Cemetery, the Paul Bunyan Statue, the corner of Jackson & Union streets, the Thomas Hill Standpipe.

Is this legit? Over 5,00 people have checked out the video in the last two days! So maybe you should find out for yourself.

People Posing In Front Of Stephen King's House

On any given day, you can see lots of people heading to West Broadway in Bangor, to get a glimpse at the home of the legendary author.

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