Maine gets a lot of snow, but nowhere in the state do we get as much snow as Aroostook County.

Mainers are Made for Snow

It accumulates little by little over the winter and other times a storm will roll in and dump a massive amount of snow on top of us. We have systems designed for snow plowing, shoveling, salting and snow removal. It’s a way of life for Mainers.

Average Snowfall across the State of Maine

The average snowfall in Maine is around 50 to 70 inches on the coast and up to 60 to 110 inches inland and in northern parts.

How Much Snow Does Northern Maine Get?

So how much snow does Northern Maine actually get?

Northern Maine Snowfall Totals

  • Caribou - 118 Inches (300.2 cm)
  • Presque Isle - 97.5 Inches (247.7 cm)
  • Fort Kent - 99.3 Inches ( 252.2 cm)

Central Maine Snowfall Totals

Just for comparison, here is the average snowfall in areas around Central Maine.

  • Bangor - 74.6 Inches (189.5 cm)
  • Lewiston - 65.1 Inches (165.4 cm)
  • Millinocket - 86.1 Inches (218.7 cm)
Vitaliy Halenov - Thinkstock
Vitaliy Halenov - Thinkstock

A Ton of Snow

That’s a ton of snow in northern Maine. The numbers are way above the average in the state and across the country. For more information and to see additional stats, go to

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