Melting snow and an incredible amount of rain made some amazing changes to our winter landscape this week.

Why Are the Ponds So Full?

What a crazy weekend and start to the week. On Saturday, it was ice that caused multiple crashes and slide-offs on the interstate. Then torrential rain on Sunday night into Monday that melted that pretty , heavy snow that was covering the trees. Waterways swelled and roads were affected by washouts.

What Effects Were There in Orrington?

In my neighborhood in Orrington, we didn't see any real damage, but the ponds and streams (and there are a lot of them in our town) filled nearly to the brim. Higher than I've ever seen, in 12 years of occupancy. So I had to check out Clark Falls on Johnson Mill Road. Usually, it's a light, easy flow of water that's sparse enough to see the rocks underneath.


I figured that there would be a lot more water, given the amount of rain. But I wasn't expecting the deluge that I found when I stopped to look.

As I drove away, after taking the video, I noticed a car pulling up behind me to look. It's kind of a hidden gem in Orrington because, most of the time, you have to know it's there to see it. But not on Monday. There was no missing it. For the record, that picnic table is not usually sitting in the water.

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Where Can We Post Our Pictures?

So now I'm wondering. How did the rains affect your neighborhood? I'd love to see your pictures of washouts, fallen trees, or whatever happened where you live. Post them under the Facebook link to this article so we can all see. What weird weather for December.

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