A Vassalboro woaman and a man from the Bronx, New York were busted on cocaine and heroin charges.


Maine Drug Enforcement Agents assigned to MDEA’s South Central Task Force in Augusta arrested a Bronx, New York man and a Vassalboro woman on cocaine and heroin charges Wednesday as a result of a joint investigation with Augusta Police into the sale of the drugs in Kennebec County.

Late Wdnesrday afternoon, drug agents and Augusta Police detectives went to Vassalboro to arrest Sarah Fuschwanz on aggravated drug trafficking charges related to an investigation involving the sale of heroin. Agents located Fuschwanz as she was driving away from her residence in Vassalboro. With the assistance of state police, Fuschwanz’s car  was stopped. There were two passengers in the car with her.

Investigators took Fuschwanz into custody and searched the car  and occupants finding approximately 80 grams of crack cocaine, 10 grams of heroin, 10 grams of powered cocaine along with Suboxone, a prescription drug generally used in the treatment of opiate addiction. Also seized from the vehicle was approximately $3250 in cash, suspected to be the proceeds of illegal drug sales. The street value of the drugs seized is $10,000.

As a result of this investigation, the following individuals have been charged:

  1. Andre Fields- 51, of the Bronx, New York. Fields was charged with 2 counts of Class “A” Aggravated Trafficking in Schedule W Drugs (Crack and Heroin). The charges were elevated due the amount of drugs seized and because Fields has at least one prior felony drug trafficking conviction
  2. Sarah Fuschwanz- 33, of Vassalboro. She has been charged with 2 counts of Class “A” Aggravated Trafficking in Schedule W Drugs (Crack and Heroin) and 2 counts of violation of conditions of release. These charges were the result of the drugs seized from her car. Additionally, Fuschwanz was also charged with 2 separate counts of trafficking in schedule w drugs by the Augusta Police Department based upon the earlier investigation related to the sale of heroin in Augusta.
  3. Tania Murphy- 33 , of Hallowell was arrested on an outstanding warrant for violations of conditions of release. Murphy was a passenger in the car.

The three were transported to the Kennebec County Jail.

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