The Maine caucuses are coming up March, with the Maine Democrats holding theirs on March 6 and the Maine Republicans caucusing on March 5. Since we've seen and heard just about everything from the major candidates over the past few months, it's pretty much impossible to find anything that shows them in a new light.

But we found something.

Yup, with just a tiny little bit of research, we've found examples of all the major candidates actually acting. No, not trying to bluff their way through a debate, actually acting, playing a role in something shot not for the news shows, but for pure entertainment.

It was actually pretty easy to find examples of Donald Trump acting. He's been all over TV and movies for years. Take a look (it even includes footage of Donald beating on Vince McMahon from Wrestlemania 23):

So, that was easy. But now we turn to the Democrats. Surely Vermont's Bernie Sanders has been too busy in Congress to appear in a movie?


Here's Bernie in his "notable" role as a rabbi in the 1999 comedy "My X-Girlfriend's Wedding Reception." And yes, he has the epic character name of "Rabbi Manny Shevitz."

Now, it's Hillary Clinton's turn. This one is a bit of a stretch, but it counts just for the sheer variety of wigs that she wears. This was shot during the Clinton presidency in 1995 as a special spoof for the Gridiron Club, and it features Hillary as "Hillary Gump," and it does feature an appearance by her husband President Bill Clinton, chowing down on chocolates and McDonald's fries.

OK--here's a bonus peek at Donald Trump getting stunned by Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania're welcome!


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