Donald Trump will be in Portland today at the Westin Harborview hotel ballroom and a group is planning to protest by throwing pies.

A Facebook event has been created called Protest: Pie us dressed as Trump! The pies won't be thrown at the real Trump, but people will gather at the Westin dressed as The Donald and throw pies at each other.

Here's the description from the Facebook event.

Both Trump AND LePage are going to be in Portland TOMORROW. What can be done??? THROW A PIE FOR JUSTICE!!! Basically we're going to be dressed like Donald Trump (to be pied) and Bernie Sanders (the beneficiary). Buy a pie for a minimum of $1 (economic justice, people!!) from "Sanders" and pie "Trump"!! All proceeds will be donated to the Bernie Sanders campaign.
You know you wanna...

There's bound to be a shortage of Trump masks in Portland.

TRump Pie

Trump is in town for the rally that Maine Governor Paul LePage will attend. Doors open at 9 to see him speak around 1:30 in the afternoon. If you plan on going, you might want to duck to avoid any stray flying pies.

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