Four people were injured Sunday after hitting a guardrail and crashing on Skillin road in Cumberland.

Four People Injured after Crash in Maine

 The Cumberland Fire Department said they received a 911 call just after midnight saying they heard a “loud bang.” The station also got an iPhone crash notification at the same time.

Cumberland Fire Department
Cumberland Fire Department

Car Left the Road and Hit a Guardrail

The single-vehicle crash happened when the car went off the road, struck a guardrail and went down an embankment. Officials said there was “significant damage and a large debris field in the road.”

Cumberland Fire Department
Cumberland Fire Department

Four People Treated Following Accident in Maine

Four people in the accident were treated at the scene by first responders and EMS.

Crash Investigation is Ongoing

The crash investigation remains open. Updates to this news story will be posted on social media when more information is released.

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