Some good news for electric customers of Emera Maine in Aroostook County; rates are going down.

According to Susan Faloon with Emera, beginning this month, customers of the Maine Public District will see a decrease in the delivery portion of their electric bill.

Ross Land/Getty Images

Two rate proceedings resulted in positive news for our Maine Public District ratepayers and will lower delivery rates this winter:

1. The Stranded cost charge related to past energy resource obligations has been fulfilled. In addition, a settlement related to Maine Yankee will further decrease the Stranded cost rate, causing the Stranded cost to transition to a credit on the customer bill.

2. The seasonal variation in commercial and industrial distribution rates (in the past, it was higher in winter, lower in summer) will be eliminated, resulting in a flat rate year round.

This will result in a decrease of about $6.35 per month for a typical residential customer bill in the Maine Public District. This is a 7.90% decrease in the total electricity bill. Most commercial and industrial customers will also benefit from this rate reduction.

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