The Fort Fairfield Quality of Place Council and Amish leaders in Fort Fairfield and Easton are pleased to announce the completion of a joint driver safety educational effort.


After months of meetings and discussion, they have prepared and published the brochure “Sharing the Road Safely: Amish Horse Drawn Vehicles and Motor Vehicles, Including Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles”.  The brochure presents safe driving tips for both Amish Drivers and Motor Vehicle Drivers.

The goal of this program is to help Amish drivers, especially new drivers, learn the necessary precautions of driving on public roads, particularly at night; and teach motor vehicle drivers, especially those not familiar with horse drawn vehicles, how to interact with horse drawn vehicles and avoid dangerous situations.

“Many states that have Amish populations have publications advising motor vehicle drivers how to drive where horse drawn vehicles are present, however, none have published tips for Amish drivers to help avoid dangerous situations when operating on public roadways,” explained Phillip Christensen, president of the Fort Fairfield Quality of Place Council.  "This brochure details ways that all drivers can share the road and gain a better understanding of the law and safe operational standards.  We are delighted with the results of this joint effort with our Amish friends and neighbors.  We also appreciate the assistance provided to us by the Northern Maine Development Commission and the Maine Department of Transportation.”

Christensen emphasized the best advice for all drivers is simple, “always stay alert and use caution and common sense when driving where horses and motor vehicles share the road.”

Copies of the brochure will be made available for distribution at Amish businesses, high schools, town offices, libraries, police departments and other locations throughout the area.  Plans are to also provide them to driver training instructors in local communities.  A digital copy can be found by visiting   Copies of the brochure may also be requested by emailing and can be picked up at Northern Maine Development Commission’s office located at 11 West Presque Isle Road in Caribou.

For more information about this joint educational effort, please contact Philip Christensen at 207-472-3143 or email

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