A vehicle goes off the road into a ditch and flips over.

Drivers that see this happen, pull over, jump out of their vehicles and immediately try to help.

It happened in Downeast  Maine, and Mainers and tourists all reacted.

Amanda Rose Welch via Facebook
Amanda Rose Welch via Facebook

Here is the story shared on social media by Amanda Ross Welch.

And the video she recorded is coming up.

Amanda says:

We were taking our family on our last camping trip of the summer when we can across a car flipped over in a ditch. My husband immediately pulled over and rushed out of our camper. In no time he was inside the vehicle to help remove the driver who was pinned inside their upside down vehicle. The driver had his seatbelt on, the weight of his body was on his neck, and he was struggling to breathe.


Others were not sure what to do, my husband convinced the group that there were enough of them to flip the vehicle over, and that they needed to act immediately and not stop pushing until they completed their task.


Police arrived as the vehicle was on its side and along with the Fire Department and the love and support and bravery of other travelers on the road, the injured man was removed from his vehicle and loaded into an ambulance. My husband was a cool head in an emergency. When we got back into our camper, I told him I was proud of him.

And husband Jake said

It ain't no thing. That's what you would want if you couldn't breathe, someone to flip you over.

Amanda told him

It was very brave.

And Jake responded,

It was just the right thing to do.

The right thing to do.

Mainers. And those lucky enough to visit our state this time of year from away. United. With one mission. One goal. No politics or social media to divide. Just good people doing a great thing.

The right thing to do.

Amanda gets the last word:

I am so overwhelmed by what I witnessed. By the camaraderie and power of humankind.

Hopefully, you will be too.

Click here to watch the video.

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