Seeing 12-year-old Tye Trujillo, son of Metallica's Robert Trujillo, touring with Korn this past spring was an incredible sight to witness. Now, Rolling Stone has premiered a documentary on the entire thing, going in depth with both the Trujillos and Korn.

It's narrated by Robert Trujillo, and he goes in detail about his son's life on the road with Korn. "I didn't have to help him with anything. When you see your kid with that much pride, energy and focus, it was a beautiful experience. He doesn't even play five-string bass, really. And he's not a slap-bass player per se; he slaps for fun. He had an afternoon with Munky, the guitar player, where they ran through the songs, and I was there basically to offer him snacks and water."

Korn's official videographer Sébastien Paquet concurred on Tye's expertise, saying, "Tye is truly a musical prodigy. His skills on the bass, especially for his age, are extraordinary. It's in his DNA. He was always slapping his bass, practicing, jamming and improvising. I have never witnessed a musician being glued to his instrument like that before."

"I just said, 'All you have to do is get up on the stage and kick ass,'" Robert said. "'Just play great and be a performer and do what you do and take your time – groove into it – and enjoy the experience.' He went beyond anything I could have imagined. It was really impressive as a dad. Then we came back on a Sunday night; Monday morning he went back to school, homework and reality. He actually got up early. He was excited to go back."

Watch the documentary above.

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