Taxpayers’ money is probably the most discussed issue in the United States. Looking both at the local, state, and federal level, tax money is what everyone is trying to save and put to good use for the community.

When a city department is dedicated to saving money and respecting the hard work of its citizens, it sets an example that everyone should consider acknowledging.

City of Presque Isle
City of Presque Isle

The city is in need of a new leaf blower truck.  The leaf truck is used six to eight weeks a year for the leaf cleanup in town.

The truck currently being used is over 30 years old and was a wrecked snow plow truck.  However, that budget item would cost the city and, therefore, taxpayers over $70,000.  Working with Police Chief Matt Irwin, Public Works was able to obtain a 2008 Freightliner with only 13,000 original miles through military surplus at virtually no cost to the city.  Two employees recently traveled to New Jersey to pick up the truck to bring back to Presque Isle.

The truck has an automatic transmission and is valued at $35,000.  The leaf vacuum system will be mounted onto the 2008 chassis in-house thus realizing an even greater savings.

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