The Wintergreen Arts Center recently had a special visitor for a special session of children’s yoga.

Julie French, a local wellness enthusiast and yoga instructor, visited preschool students at the arts center to teach them stretching exercise and yoga poses. French has many years of experience teaching yoga to both adults and kids.

Lisa Brewer who co-teaches Wintergreen’s creative preschool, Under the Willow Tree, with Katie Greenlaw, said children need to move their bodies a lot during the day.  “And, one of the ways we satisfy that need is by doing yoga.” She adds that French connects quickly with children and they really respond to her style.

Wintergreen Arts Center
Wintergreen Arts Center

During her visit, French helped Wintergreen’s preschool students learn stretching exercise and yoga poses such as the Three-Legged Downward Dog.  She also talked with them about breathing, visualization, and relaxation techniques. French explains that yoga is a low-cost way to introduce positive concepts in the classroom.

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