In case you didn't know Walmart tries to make an educated guess on what toys will be the hot toys of the season before each Christmas holiday arrives. They do this by inviting a ton of kids and child influencers to get together at a huge convention center near Walmart's corporate headquarters. Before they get there, toy manufactures bring by toy samples.

The kids get to kick the tires, so to speak, and try out tons of toys and then choose the ones they like best. That help Walmart decide which of the top toys they will order to hopefully meet the season demand. Due to the pandemic, things are being done differently this year, as toys are being mailed to kids for them to test.

Walmart also came up with a new interface to allow kids, or kids at heart to checkout, unbox , and play with upcoming toys. It's called the Walmart Wonder Lab. Although they have had something similar in the past, this year things are much more scaled up. You interact with over 100 different toys in a virtual environment where you control the action and see how the toys react to different features. My personal favorite is "Gotta Go Flamingo" the catchy song and the resulting action just made me giggle like I was 2 years old.

Several of the top toys this year are classics like Legos and Star Wars themed toys, especially from The Mandalorian series. Also hover boards and even a cool Semi truck you can ride in. If you would like to check some of the top rated toys at Walmart this year, CLICK HERE.

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