When tough times arise, Aroostook County steps up

Throughout my lifetime I can recall countless moments of Aroostook County people stepping up for those around us who come across a time of need. I've been to benefit suppers and auctions that support individuals and families going through an unexpected medical crisis or have experienced a tragic loss of a home or family members. The total number of dollars raised at the events throughout the years always amazes me. In the smallest of communities, I've seen residents come together and raise $30,000 or more. Astonishing! This week an opportunity presents itself for all of Aroostook County to raise up those around us in need.

Times are changing, fast! 

We are all keenly aware of the rapidly rising inflation that has put clamps on the wallets of family and friends all around us. There is a growing need for food for those less fortunate in Aroostook County, and this Thursday, you can help.

Inflation is at a 40 year high, fuel prices are soaring and the price of food is on the rise. For many of our friends and neighbors the higher cost of living means grocery budgets are being stretched to the limit - Sarah Duncan Executive Director United Way of Aroostook

Operation Hunger; Feed The County 

Aroostook Savings & Loan is once again the Platinum Sponsor for this year's Operation Hunger telethon on Thursday March 10. The bank that many have known for decades has been a supporter for the cause for over 20 years. Funds raised during the telethon will go to Catholic Charities of Maine Feed The County to distribute food to 28 pantries throughout Aroostook County, from Fort Kent to Wytopitlock.

On a tight budget, people often have to choose between paying rent, buying oil for heat or paying for medications instead of purchasing groceries - John Swanberg President Aroostook Savings & Loan

You can help now!  

Donations can be made to the Operation Hunger telethon right now. Folks looking to make a donation stop by either of the Aroostook Savings & Loan locations in Caribou and Presque Isle or at this link. The current economic conditions have driven the need for food for families in Aroostook County up higher than ever before.  

First hand account of your generosity 

I know that Aroostook County residents will step up once again, as they always have. We have witnessed this many times during the Townsquare Media High-5 Turkey Drive. There is no donation that is too small for this cause. The telethon will run on WAGM-TV on Thursday beginning at 5:30 a.m. and run through 8:00 p.m. in the evening.

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