Police said 22-year-old Nolan Irish from Gorham died in a motorcycle crash Tuesday after a collision with a vehicle on Flaggy Meadow Road.

One Person Died after Motorcycle and Car Crash

The accident happened around 1:30 pm at the intersection with Cressey Road.

Vehicle Involved in Crash

The vehicle involved was a Honda Civic driven by a 21-year-old woman from Biddeford. Her name was not released.

Motorcyclist Died at the Scene

Irish was pronounced dead at the scene. The female driver was evaluated at the scene and did not go to the hospital, said WGME News.

Police Looking to Talk to Witness in Truck

Police are looking to talk to a witness driving a white pickup truck in the vicinity of the collision. Contact Gorham Police Detective Stephen Hinkley at (207) 222-1660 ext. 1 if you have more info. The crash investigation is ongoing.

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