The Spring thaw is in full swing, but Aroostook County Snowmobile Trails are in tip top shape heading in to the weekend!
Here is the Aroostook County Snowmobile Trail Report for March 26th, 2015, from the desk of Gary Marquis with the Caribou Parks and Recreation Department.
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Most projects are reporting that they will continue grooming throughout the weekend and will see what the weather brings next week. I heard from many snowmobilers at the beginning of the week are reporting very nice conditions.

• Deer Deer and more Deer are all over watch for tracks on the trails
• Moose are also everywhere.
• Remember gas is sometimes long distances so plan accordingly.

Trail Info:

ITS 85 Oxbow has been out and are reporting there section in good shape, the rest of 85 is in good shape

ITS 83 The 83 corridor is in good shape from top to bottom, remember Houlton will be grooming their section of 83 once a week as they are well over their hours.
ITS 81 Drifting in the open areas and plugged road crossings have been difficult but with the clubs out this section is in good shape.

ITS 92 This trail is in great shape, 92A, and 92B also are in great shape.

ITS 90 Fort Fairfield and Caribou will be out on Thursday to take care of the blown snow, while Portage has come down on Wednesday night so this trail should be good by Thursday night and into the weekend.

ITS 88 will be out tonight on Aroostook river snowmobile club will be out tonight.

ITS 86 Oxbow has rerouted about 9 miles of this trail to bypass a logging operation so watch for signs. Houlton is reporting that they will not groom their section of 86 for the remainder of the season, so make arrangements ahead.

ITS 105 105 state road to Mapleton closed, due to significant drifting.

ITS 120 With deep snow this trail should be around for some time.

RT. 89 Groomed all the way, logging operation behind Bouchard’s Packing shed in North Caribou. Remember that the Madawaska Stream will be opening up soon we will keep monitoring.

RT. 100 Improved riding from Caswell… remember though there are two branches of this trail one goes north out of Caswell and one goes west further south. They both intersect Rt 89 one closer to Rt 94 and the other closer to the Madawaska River…. Watch for markings.

Easton trails will be all groomed

Chapman Ridge Runners trails will be done

On the Social Side:

Friday night chicken stew at the Presque Isle clubhouse 5-7 pm

Washburn Trail runners Breakfast / Lunch Saturdays 7-2pm Sunday 7-12pm at the clubhouse

St. Francis Sno Angels Saturday Meals…home cooked meals… stop by off ITS 92 10am-9pm.

Littleton breakfast every Saturday at the clubhouse on the Wiley road in Littleton from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Pleasant Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club will be hosting a trailside hot dog roast with chili and drinks on Saturday March 28th at the Intersection of ITS 81 and Trail 100 located behind Parents Country Store 11-3.

Cold Mountain Snowmobile Club (Grand Isle) will be hosting a Spaghetti Supper for their trail master Ricky Theriault who lost his garage to a fire with all tools. March 29th from 11-2 at the Grand Isle community center.