The provincial government of New Brunswick said they are pausing the use of the coronavirus vaccine AstraZeneca for people under 55-years-old due to some cases in Europe of blood clots after getting the dosage.

The National Advisory Committee on Immunization announced the recommendation Monday. The report said there were 25 incidents in Europe of the 20 million doses of the vaccine. Health officials emphasize the risk is about one in a million.

Canadian officials said no adverse events have been reported in the country with Astrazeneca vaccines - or other COVID-19 vaccines.

Clinics using the Astrazeneca vaccine have postponed administering it. People scheduled at these locations will be rescheduled.

Across the country, Canada has seen 15,000 deaths related to the coronavirus.

Dr. Jennifer Russel, Chief Medical Officer of Health said ““While we have seen no cause for concern, we are taking these steps out of an abundance of caution pending further guidance from Health Canada.”

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For more info on the Astrazeneca vaccine and questions if you received a dose, go online to Officials said to go to the emergency room if you experience severe, persistent symptoms following any vaccine.

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