Lots of Stephen King-related content is coming to a screen near you.

Local Bangor, Maine hero Stephen King, is one of a kind. A true legend. To say that he is prolific would be a huge understatement. He has cranked out more than 60 novels and 200 short stories, with no end in sight, as he is constantly working. Many of these have been turned into features films and TV series. This impressive list speaks for itself, but what the heck, here is a partial list of what he has introduced into the fabric of pop culture.

    • The Shawshank Redemption
    • Stand by Me
    • The Stand
    • The Green Mile
    • Cujo
    • Misery
    • The Shining

As we begin 2022, there are a ton of King's stories that are being adapted into movies and TV series. Each one of these projects is either filming now, in post-production, or as they say in Hollywood, "in development" This list is pretty massive, so get ready to get your Steve on, either at the theatre, or streaming devices like Netflix. In addition to first-time adaptations, there are several titles that are getting sequels, being re-imagined, or are being produced for the first time.


          • Firestarter
          • Untitled Pet Sematary Sequel
          • Salem's Lot
          • The Tommyknockers
          • Mr. Harrington's Phone
          • Christine
          • The Running Man
          • The Boogeyman
          • Rest Stop
          • Mile 81
          • The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
          • The Long Walk
          • Throttle
          • The Dark Half
          • From A Buick 8


        • The Talisman
        • Elevation
        • The Jaunt
        • The Ten O' Clock People
        • Revelations
        • Overlook
        • Carrie
        • The Institute
        • Sleeping Beauties
        • Joyland

That is a lot to process, but if you love Stephen King, plenty of entertainment is coming your way.

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