Two young children who used to live Maine were killed in a radiator steam blast in a Bronx, NY apartment Wednesday.

A city official said the valve cap burst off the radiator, shooting steam at the girls and burning them, according to WPVI-TV in Philadelphia.

The children, identified as 1-year-old Scylee Vayoh Ambrose and 2-year-old Ibanez Ambrose, were pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The family, which used live in Houlton, was staying in an apartment that is used to house homeless families.

"When there is hot water, it's scalding hot water as you're showering. There's also, as we speak, there is no hot water, but the heat is blasted unbearably throughout the day," a resident said.

"We are in the preliminary stages of what is a highly active, multi-agency investigation into what happened in this home and whether there's anything that can be done to help prevent such an unspeakable event in the future," Mayor Bill de Blasio said. "Our law enforcement, buildings, fire and social services personnel will not rest until we can answer what has given rise to this heartbreaking incident."

Police said both parents were inside the apartment at the time of the accident, and neither of them are likely to face charges.

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