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The Bus is a tradition in Houlton, Maine. Anyone who’s eaten there knows about the award winning food and friendly service.

Samantha (Sam) Robinson has owned the food truck since 2014 and looks forward to many more years. “I was always interested in doing something like this. I was a dental assistant for 30 plus years. I wanted a change and I had always wanted to do this,” said Robinson.

Monument Park in Houlton

The Bus is open in Monument Park six days a week. They serve both lunch and dinner Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. On Saturdays, the hours are 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can take the food on the road or sit at the picnic table or one of the other smaller tables.

This time of year is the busiest. Once the weather starts getting nice, The Bus opens for the season. “We’re open the first of May until the end of October.”

The Bus via Facebook
The Bus via Facebook

Community Support

Robinson said the community is great. When she first took over the business, she didn’t really know anyone, but quickly made a connection with everyone. “It took about two years before I really established a regular testament. The community has been great, unbelievable. We have formed friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Hard Work

It’s hard work running a popular food truck in the County. Robinson’s advice to anyone looking to get in the business is to be ready for the long hours. “If anyone is thinking about this, it’s early mornings and late nights. You’re prepping in the morning and cleaning at night.” 

Is she considering expanding? “I don’t really think I could handle it, we are so busy. All I can do is handle what we got right now. The last four or five years have been extremely busy.”

Family Business

Family helps out a lot and it makes a big difference in the great service and day to day. Robinson has three people that work on a regular basis. “It's kind of family. I own The Bus and whoever can help me out, helps me out.”

Award Winning Food

The food shows the dedication and commitment. The Bus has won the Best Burger for northern Maine several times in the Bangor Metro Magazine - and just won again this year. ”Our burgers are quite popular. I make them fresh every day. I get my burger from County Yankee Grocer.” Customers come for the burgers and more, said Robinson, “ I have burgers, fries, clams, salads - my menu is big.”

The Bus via Facebook
The Bus via Facebook
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Additional Info

For more information about The Bus, go to their Facebook page. There’s contact information there and some great pictures.

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