Recently, Wintergreen Arts Center in Presque Isle welcomed a newcomer to its board of directors who is a native of Aroostook County and the marketing arm of Smith's Farm.

Tara Smith Vighetti is president and CEO of Smith Packaging and is a newly appointed board member of Wintergreen Arts Center.

According to Dottie Hutchings, Wintergreen's executive director,

"Tara Brings amazing business and marketing skills to our board.  We are grateful Tara's heart remains here in The County and that she is passionate about the arts and giving back."

Vighetti is a sixth generation member at Smith's Farm, who are the largest broccoli grower on the East Coast.

When asked about what Vighetti thought about the new appointment, she said,

"Nothing of value can be made or marketed without creativity. Fostering love of ideas and providing a setting to explore them is essential. I was given these tools and opportunities growing up and am excited to be involved with Wintergreen Arts."

Vighetti splits her time between offices in Presque Isle and St. Augustine, Florida where she overseas nationwide marketing and sales for Smith's Farm and the Stag Brand.

She and her husband Steve currently reside in St. Augustine, Florida with their two young children.




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