I always hear about new winter life hacks and reminders, so let's keep this going, because not only are these fun to know, but THEY WORK.  After all, 'tis the season.

I have a gallery with photos and everything attached below.

And these are cheap, too, so that's a total bonus. While some are common knowledge for a lot of us, like having a winter car kit, others truly feel like we're entering a secret club of winter knowledge.  So whether it's having blankets and granola bars in your car or grabbing potatoes and duct tape, these are all worth knowing.

With prep time upon us, I think you'll love this list of 25 winter life hacks and tips. Many of them are unique, like "walking like a penguin".  Others include hacks that involve potatoes, socks, and cooking spray. Yup, my mind is blown, and yours may be, too.

Get ready for some of those 'why didn't I know about this sooner' moments, especially if you've lived in winter for much of your life. Who knew that cooking spray could have so many benefits?  And potatoes?  Turns out, there's way more to them than just making French fries.

So, here we go. After doing some digging across multiple sites and asking neighbors and friends, I compiled a list of these lesser-known, who-knew life hacks. And who doesn't want an easy winter?

Let's look at the rundown of these 25 life hacks that'll make your New England winter much more of a breeze with these simple and cheap winter life hacks that you'll want to pass on to friends, family, and co-workers.

Here they are: 25 Winter Life Hacks That Just May Change Your Life

Gallery Credit: Jolana Miller

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