The big game is this weekend and scores of people will be watching for different reasons. Some are football fanatics, like me, and will watch regardless of who the teams are. Some, like me, watch for the over-priced-yet-oh-so-creative commercials. Some watch for the halftime show. Actually, does anyone really watch JUST for halftime?


Halftime shows at the Super Bowl are a tricky thing. If you get a pop artist such as Beyonce', or Madonna, or The Black-Eyed Peas, the rock or country fans will go get a beer. If you get a classic rock act, many will watch but also comment about how ancient they are and should've hung it up years ago. If you get a country act, well they'll get torn apart.

To this day, my favorite halftime performance was post 9/11 U2. It literally stopped me in my tracks, gave me goose bumps, and almost brought me to tears. Since then, every show has been - meh! Granted, a lot of work goes into staging the field, pulling off the performance, and then tearing it all down in a matter of minutes. Kudos to those who attempt it.

If you were in charge of the Super Bowl Halftime show, who would perform? Call the show at 764-ROCK or tell us on Facebook.