Do you travel the 2-4 hours or more to Bangor to shop at Macy's Department Store?

Macy's Reports Strong Quarterly Earnings
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If you do, pretty soon you'll have to find another retailer to satisfy your shopping cravings.  Macy's is set to close nearly 70 stores in the next few months.  Unfortunately, one of those is in the Queen City.

I, myself, have been there a number of times and actually bought clothing and other items. But, my favorite experience was riding the escalators up and down. It seems the little kid in me hasn't gone away.

The huge makeup counter will soon be no more as will the  more than ample clothing sections and the big housewares section on the upper level (hence the escalators).

Macy's Bangor Mall location has been open since 1998 and the store employs over 60 people. It's sad to see shopping staples go away and sadder still to see people lose their jobs. Wonder what, if anything, will take its place?

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