Times change, I get that. I was around for the transformation from vinyl LPs to cassette tapes, and from cassette tapes to compact discs (CDs). The 8-track tape had a short life in there somewhere as well. With the advent of digital music it's become easier than ever to get music. It's also opened up the can of worms that that ease brings with it. Crappy sounding music. The problem is, the younger generation doesn't know it sounds crappy.

Submerged Turntable from Brian Lilla on Vimeo.

The batch of artists that are coming up nowadays are releasing music on usb flash drives. Why not, right? Your computer is ultimately where it's going to go anyway. They simply put the sound files and liner notes on the flash drive and sell them as 'wristbands' at their shows. The problem is a flash drive is a bit more expensive than a CD is to mass produce.


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