When Will We See Snow?

The question this time of year is - when will we get our first snowfall? It’s one we all ask because it marks a significant start to winter.

It’s obviously hard to narrow it down to the exact date, and it’s not the same time for different areas, but we can base our best guess on previous years.

Snow in the Forecast for November

The National Weather Service is saying snow is coming soon. More on this below.

First Snow in Recent Years

Take Presque Isle for example. According to the site howmuchwillitsnow.com, the earliest snow in the last six years was on October 24, 2018, when the Star City saw 2 inches. The next earliest was in 2020 on October 26 when we got just 1”. (See below for more dates).

When Will it Snow in November?

So we didn't see any snow in October, but maybe we could see some in November. That is when we usually see it. In four out of the last six years, the first snow was in early November. Last year, the first snow in Presque Isle was 3 inches on November 15, 2021. 

So when should we expect snow? It’s been pretty steady over the years to see our first snow the second or third week of November.

National Weather Service Forecast

Some weather sources are saying snow showers on Sunday evening, November 13. The National Weather Service in Caribou is forecasting a chance of snow on Wednesday, November 16, and maybe Thursday too. We'll see.


2016-2017 - 2” on Nov 22

2017-2018 - 1” on Nov 26

2018-2018 - 2” on Oct 24

2019-2020 - 1” on Nov 11

2020-2021 - 1” on Oct 26

2021-2022 - 3” on Nov 15


2016-2017 - 103”

2017-2018 - 107”

2018-2018 - 139”

2019-2020 - 125”

2020-2021 - 82”

2021-2022 - 98”

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