I guess the question could be, is it ever too cold for kids to skip out on school? Believe it or not, there are some guidelines that many schools go by in order to determine this.

Many schools superintendents, in other parts of the country, tend to agree that when the windchill drops to 15 or 20 below zero, they will typically cancel after-school sports.

However, in St. Paul, Minnesota, and surrounding areas, the wind chill has to get near 35 - 40 below zero before they will consider closing a school.

Other factors that will cause a school in the County to either cancel early, have a delayed start, or cancel altogether are bad driving conditions, limited visibility due to blowing snow and snow storms, or lack of heat in a building.

According to one MSAD1 school administrator, there was a time when they closed school due to blowing snow which hindered good driving conditions.

The wind chill that day happened to be 60 below zero, or so. 

So, when is it too cold for kids to go to school in Northern Maine and Western New Brunswick? I guess that depends on who is in leadership at the time.

The bottom line is when parents and school officials use common sense, as seen here in the County, then we can rest assured that our kids will arrive safely, or just stay home.



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