I'm not sure about you, but one of the best comfort foods is a pancake. Especially if it's dripping with strawberry or blueberry syrup. Today, we celebrate the pancake!

I don't know why, but today, September 26, has been nominated as the official "National Pancake Day." As if we needed one, now we have every excuse in the world to indulge in those round, flat, tasty, cakes.

A Little History About Today

National Pancake Day started out as National Lumberjack Day in 2005.

Collin AF Venable and Marianne Ways were wanting a really good excuse to eat a bunch of pancakes.

Some Of Our Favorite Pancakes

  • Chocolate Chip Pancakes
  • Banana Pancakes (My personal favorite)
  • Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup
  • Pancakes with Strawberry Syrup

Some Off-The-Wall Pancakes (Recipes) 

People Have Done Weird Things With Pancakes 

Whatever it is you like to do with pancakes or how you like to eat them is entirely up to you. However, today is the day to do pancakes and we hope you enjoy yourself doing it.


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