If you've been alive any length of time, then, no doubt, you know what it's like to get in trouble for something dumb. But what's the stupidest thing you've been busted for?

The Telegraph recently had an article of some of the most ridiculous things that actual people were actually busted for. And frankly, I think we can all relate to them.

Here are some stupid things that people got in trouble for.

  • 'Wooing' like a Ghost in a Cemetery - A 24-year old Portsmouth man got busted for 'wooing' like a ghost in a local cemetery. He was intoxicated and was promptly arrested and fined for his 'rowdy' behavior
  • Banana Throwing - A 36-year old man got busted after being accused of throwing a banana at his girlfriend. He was arrested on a domestic violence charge, but he denied throwing the tropical fruit at this girlfriend.
  • Fart Games - An U.S. Police Officer was arrested and received charges for allegedly farting in the face of one of his colleagues. Apparently, he had assaulted his fellow officer when he threw a notebook at him, and then chased the action down with a fart to the face.

How about you? Did you ever do something stupid and then got in big trouble for it? Are you brave enough to share your story with us in the comments section below?

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