You may have noticed some unwanted guests in your home's bound to happen this time of year, as the temps drop the Asian Lady Beetle..aka...lady bugs are looking fast and feverishly for somewhere to call home for the winter.

Look around most any homes this time of year in Maine and you will see these little guys congregating around windows and doors trying to find a way in, and they are quite good at getting in as well.

Ultimately they are attracted to the warmth, no need to call an exterminator, they do not do damage and once they do find a place that is suitable in the home, they simply hibernate or go dormant for the winter. You can also breath easy knowing that they will not be mating in your property.

You will notice their migration towards homes this time of year but you will also notice that they reverse direction come spring when they look for a way to return to the outside.

If you decide that you do not feel comfortable offering the lady bugs free rent for the winter they are usually quite easy to round up, capture, and move back outside if need be.

To prevent them from entering your home in the first place, a good inspection to locate any holes or cracks should be filled or sealed to prevent them from taking up residence.

CLICK HERE to learn more about these interesting creatures from the University of Maine Cooperative Extension

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