The Super Bowl is over. Was it really that 'Super?' Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised with the halftime performance of both Bruno Mars and all-too-brief special guests Red Hot Chili Peppers. Were the band's actually playing? Probably not. Were the singers actually singing? I think the main guys were, yes. Why do I bring this up?

Concert lights

Putting on a show in that short span of time and then tearing it all down is almost impossible when you consider a typical stage setup, sound check, etc. When you pump the music through the speakers you don't have to worry about musicians plugging in their instruments, getting feedback and things being too loud, or quiet. In short, a performance like halftime at the Super Bowl almost requires a karaoke approach. The performers put on a great show, one of the best in a while.

This got me thinking about concerts I've been to where the sound was off, or the performer was drunk, or the guy beside me almost spilled beer on my wife. I thought this would be a great topic for the show. What was your worst concert experience? Share it on the air by calling 764-ROCK or tell us on Facebook.


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