Just kayaking along, and found this little bird having lunch.

It looked like a baby bird, and how lucky to see it and watch it catch something to eat!

Any clue what it is?


This is up north in Aroostook County about 30 minutes south from Houlton. It was on a lake, and I have never seen this bird before. It kind of looks like a wren of some type. This lake is close to Canda, could it be some sort of Canadian bird?

Maine is the best for wildlife while just quietly kayaking around a lake. I have seen bald eagles and plenty of loons. Both big birds that are beautiful and I wouldn't want to mess with them. It upsets me that loons are way better at fishing than I am.

I think this bird is eating a tiny fish. I can't completely tell, but it makes sense as the lake is filled with fish. I like how this birds legs look just like the dried tree branches behind it. I wonder where mom was...



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