Winter is on the doorstep of New England with some regions seeing the first flakes of the season. It's still warm enough that it's not accumulating yet, but go up 6288 feet in elevation to the summit of Mt. Washington and it's a different story.

You think your shoveling job is tough? When you have peak winds on Tuesday of 107 miles per hour and get 10 inches of snow, you've got some back-breaking work ahead of you.

On Tuesday, the Mount Washington Observatory shared a photo of recent snowfall and the snowdrift that the wind pushed up against a door to the observatory. This is the norm for Mt. Washington, but still seeing the power of nature 6000+ feet up is still amazing to see.

Winter is coming so grab your shovels, get that snowblower tuned up and your plow ready to hook up to your truck, but as you move the snow this winter, just remember this photo and be thankful you're not dealing with the snow up on top of the highest peak in the Northeast.

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