Our web guy Josh recently had a three hour conversation via text with someone he didn't know. The person finally figured it out, after Josh hilariously played along with him. I can see how this could turn out badly but if you'd seen the conversation you would have died laughing. How do you handle calls that end up being a wrong number?


[Warning: Video NSFW]


I'm always tempted to play along, but I'm kind of chicken. I usually just tell them they have the wrong number, to which they'll either rudely hang up or politely say something like, 'Oh I'm sorry. Thank you.' There was one time a telemarketer called the Doug and I on show and I was in a mood. Let's face it, it was a telemarketer and they need a bite every once in a while. Here's that conversation.

I know a friend who's phone number is really close to an auto repair shop. Someone will call his house and ask if their car is ready. He'll tell them it'll be at least two days because the parts not in. It's not right, but boy is it funny!! What do you do when someone calls the wrong number? Do you play along? Call the show at 764-ROCK or hit us up on Facebook.

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