Here is the report for the week of June 1 - 7 from Troop F of the Maine State Police, based in Houlton:

Maine State Police/Facebook
Maine State Police/Facebook

June 1 – Troopers Sylvia and Endre responded to the scrap metal dealer in Monticello after a man found his stolen metal there. As a result two local men were interviewed and charged with theft.

June 1 – Tpr. Endre responded to Masardis for a report of a scrap metal theft. A vehicle was seen leaving the property. The investigation is ongoing.

June 1 – Tpr. Stoutamyer attended a week-long Sig Sauer school in Southern Maine.

June 2 – Tpr. Marquis investigated a vandalism complaint in St. Agatha where a vehicle caused damage to a lawn. Other similar complaints were made nearby and investigated by other officers.

June 2  – Tpr. Sylvia charged a 26-year-old New Limerick woman with OAS/HO stemming from a traffic stop in Houlton.

June 3  – Tpr. Sylvia investigated a criminal trespass complaint in Linneus where a camp was entered but nothing was stolen. The case remains under investigation.

June 4 – Several weeks ago, Tr. Hafford and Tr. Marquis had information of a subject in Frenchville that had two warrants for his arrest but he was actively hiding from the Troopers, staying inside his house and not coming out for any reason. Family members would bring him food and groceries and take care of his needs so he wouldn’t have to leave his house. During FTO, Tr. Luce and Tr. Hafford secured a search warrant for the residence of the subject and on 06–04, Tr. Luce went to the residence to execute the warrant. The male was found hiding in an upstairs bedroom and was arrested without incident and transported to ACJ. Tr. Luce was assisted by Tr. Quint.

June 4 – Tpr. Bell investigated an unattended death of an elderly male in Hodgdon. Nothing suspicious was noted.

June 4 – Tpr. Luce responded to residence in Frenchville for a report of a man trying to force his way into a house. The male left after being confronted by the homeowner and Tpr.Luce located the male at his own residence a short distance away. The male had gone to the house to confront the male about having an affair with the suspect’s fiancée. Tpr. Luce charged the male with criminal mischief for damage done to the door.

June 5 – Tpr. Darcy assisted the Penobscot S.O. in responding to a report of a shot fired and that someone had possibly been shot in Patten. The caller stated she heard a single gunshot and believed her neighbor had shot someone. Investigation revealed that a separate neighbor had purchased a new firearm and fired one round at a target in the woods in order to see how it shot. Tpr. Darcy spoke with the complainant about speculation and making false reports. She has had ongoing issues with her neighbors.

June 5 – Tpr. Darcy charged a Hodgdon man with Class E Operating with an Expired License > 90 days as the result of a traffic stop in Houlton

June 5 – Tpr. Bell received an early morning traffic complaint on I–95 Northbound of a car driving all over the road. The car was stopped by Houlton Police Department and investigation revealed that the driver had stopped on the highway to drink beer, and then continued driving toward Bridgewater for a graduation. The driver showed multiple clues of impairment during Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and was arrested for Criminal OUI by Tpr. Bell.

Maine State Police
Maine State Police

June 6  – Tpr. Marquis investigated a vandalism complaint in Frenchville where a vehicle caused damage on the complainants lawn the previous evening. The case remains under investigation.

June 6  – Tpr. Casavant covered a car moose crash in Connor and as a result charged the Georgia operator with OAS.

June 6  – Tpr. Marquis covered a car moose crash on Route 11 involving a Fort Kent School Bus carrying 18 baseball players. No one was injured in either crash.

June 6 – Tpr. Hafford responded to several complaints of vehicles spinning up residents’ lawns in Frenchville. This has been an ongoing problem for the past several weeks. Tpr. Hafford took comparison photographs of tire treads and has developed a lead in the case. At this point, there appears to be several different vehicles involved in the damage.

June 6 – Tpr. Hafford investigated a theft of $1000 in St. Francis. Tpr. Hafford has a suspect and the investigation is ongoing.

June 6 – Tpr. Michaud administered a P/T test to a State Police applicant at UMPI.

June 7 – Tpr. Stoutamyer investigated the death of a 71-year-old male subject in Mapleton. He had a history of many health issues and he appeared to have died of natural causes.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.

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