Wednesday morning in our home was a little different than most as we were getting ready for work and school. The news was on the television as we prepared for our day and we could hear the latest developments on the horrific shooting in Uvalde, TX on Tuesday.

Surreal morning 

There stood our soon to be 9-year-old girl absorbing in all of the information and details around the shooting. Terrible news of lives lost is nothing new to her, but as she continues to mature, she has an understanding of the effects a tragedy like yesterdays can have. Before she and I left for work and school, we all had to have a discussion to remind her of what to do in case something so unfortunate were to happen at her school.

You can't answer all of their questions 

Uvalde is a community that my wife and I spent time in a few years ago when we went there for the wedding of a childhood friend of mine, who was stationed there for the border patrol. Uvalde was the first "get-away" for my wife and I, and it will always hold a special place in our memories. As we held our discussion, I saw images of familiar sites run across the screen. We can't answer the "whys "at this point in time and we may never be able to understand what drove this person to carry out such a heinous act.

Taking care of the world that you know 

I know that by the time I get home later this evening, the discussion will have gone from speaking the facts of what occurred, to a political back-and-forth that will work to divide all of us even more apart. To me, that is sad and disappointing. The focus for today, and the coming weeks, should be on the victims and their families. A parent should never have to bury their own child, yet here we are again. The focus should be put on taking care of your own home and your people.

You might not know it, but the kids NEED you now! 

My wife hugged us both tightly as we went out the door on this beautiful spring morning. Our ride into school this morning was therapeutic for our girl and myself. My advice would be to give your kids a big hug and hold a brief conversation about yesterday's events. Don't dwell on all of the negative political banter, show your kids you love them. Be the person you would need at 9-years-old after hearing those 19 children of similar age were massacred days before their school year was to end. Be present.  

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