Not many people go through life saying they've held on to to one of America's most treasured symbols. However, officers from Old Orchard Beach Police Department and a Maine Game Warden did just that.

This video was posted on Facebook by the Old Orchard Beach Police Department. It shows the tail end (no pun intended) of an operation to save this majestic bald eagle.

According to the Old Orchard Beach PD, the eagle had actually gotten stuck in a resident's backyard. The police, along with the Maine Game Warden Service, quickly responded to the scene.

The two departments worked together to catch the bird. According to the Old Orchard Beach PD, they determined there were no injuries to the eagle, but that it needed more space to fly away. That's when the departments decided to drive out to the Ball Park at Old Orchard Beach (I saw 311 there!) to give the bird plenty of space to take off.

The technique of releasing the eagle is a sight to see, and thankfully, it was all captured on video. The game warden looks like he is wearing hockey gloves, which is understandable  considering what bald eagles have working for them. I'm not sure anyone wants to experience what a giant talon can do for damage.

Also, the toss was perfect. It got the eagle far enough away, and gave it seemingly plenty of momentum. It's probably safe to say that this wasn't that game warden's first bald eagle toss, considering the pristine technique.

Great job by both departments to help rescue an animal in distress. This is certainly the outcome we always hope to see when wildlife meets modern society.

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