Wait, what did I just see in the middle of  Presque Isle?  

Rush hour at one of Presque Isle's busiest intersections on a Saturday can be a frustrating task. If you add in the great summer weather having people rushing to get out to a lake or a barbeque for the first time and main street feels even more tight.  

Warm weather, black flies, and other pests could be behind the incidnet

Just around midday on Saturday a moment of chaos broke out when an unusual jaywalker crossed main street near Tim Hortons and Arby's, just across from Houlton Farms Dairy Bar. With the permission of Tyler Turner, we have footage of a moose being struck during the midday in Presque Isle 

See for yourself

In the first video you see the moose jogging across traffic and appearing to be struck by a vehicle. The moose quickly gets up and stumbles into the parking lot between Tim Horton's and Arby's.  

The moose was clearly injured 

The second video shows the moose appearing to be limping across the parking lot down towards the Shop N’ Save plaza. Law enforcement showed up to ensure the safety of the public. 

Best wishes to the occupants of the vehicle and the moose 

I hope the moose is recovering and doing well and that the people in the vehicle are doing well. We will be tracking this for any updates in the future.  

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