The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger has played the Ed Sullivan Theater many times before, but this time the vocalist returned for a bit of comedy rather than music. Jagger, who has been in the New York area for the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary performances, dropped by 'The Late Show With David Letterman' Tuesday night (Dec. 11) to provide a Top 10 list.

The category was the "Top Ten Things, I, Mick Jagger, Have Learned After 50 Years in Rock 'n' Roll." Jagger seemed to enjoy his appearance on the show as he was greeted by major applause from the audience, to which he responded, "I don't deserve it, but thank you." He made a few stage gestures while Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra introduced him and then got into delivering the list.

Jagger opened with the long-thought idea, "Nobody wants to hear anything from your new album," revealed that he hadn't earned a cent off the song 'Moves Like Jagger,' and added that he keeps himself entertained by "signing every tenth autograph Doris Goldblatt."

The singer also got in a low blow, revealing that he's learned to "never take relationship advice from Phil Spector," to which Shaffer responded, "So cold. She's cold. She's so cold," mirroring one of the Stones' biggest hits.

Video footage of the entire Top 10, along with some backstage footage of Jagger preparing to take the stage after a cue from Biff Henderson, can be seen in the clip below.

Watch Mick Jagger's Late Show With David Letterman Top 10 List

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