It's not often people get to see a shark up close here in Maine, but that's exactly what happened to some people out fishing when a huge shark swam right up next to their boat!

It happened in York near long sands beach. According the Portland Press Herald, the shark has been identified as basking shark. They're harmless, unlike the shark it's often mistaken for, the great white shark, the star of Jaws.

As a precaution though, the Town of York has put out a warning for their beaches that there's a shark out there.

In the video you can hear the woman taking the video freaking out as the shark swims around their boat very close to the surface. It seriously looks like a scene right out of Jaws.

It doesn't sound like she was afraid as much as she was amazed at what she was seeing. We all know that sharks are out there in Maine's waters, but they pretty much keep to themselves, rarely being spotted by people, much less this closely.


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