An Aroostook County teenage girl got a big gift on Saturday! Make-A-Wish Maine stepped up to the plate and granted a Wish to a girl who have been battling kidney disease since 2011.

17-year-old Make-A-Wish recipient, Savannah Theriault, of Washburn, was greeted by a crowd of supporters outside of Old Navy Saturday afternoon, granting her a massive shopping spree in Bangor.

Aroostook Limousines Facebook Page
Aroostook Limousines Facebook Page

Savannah is suffering with kidney failure, and has been on an organ donor list since last month, after her body already rejected a transplant once before. She is currently receiving dialysis daily.

But Saturday was a distraction from some of that pain, as the red carpet was rolled out for her at the Bangor Mall and Old Navy, where she arrived in a limo.

They say after Savanna arrived V.I.P. style, she made her way into Old Navy to take pictures with the manikins. Then her and her family made their way into the back of the store where many other surprises awaited.

Community members from Bangor High School, Big 10 Cheer, and local sororities pulled together to make for a special day.

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