It seems like the hackers and scammers are finding different ways to 'skin a cat', or shall we say, steal your information and your money? They are at it again.

The outfit is called Simple Health and the warning comes out of Nebraska but could trickle their way into Maine. So, we are warning you now.

These folks seem to be out of Florida and are calling people, like you, and promising super cheap health care premiums and plans. Once they get you talking, their promise to you is the cheapest rates out there.

Don't fall for this and be warned. Here's why..........

Like any service that you have to pay for, they will ask you for personal information and credit card information, because you'll need to make a monthly payment, right?

However, people who have fallen for this scam have never received an insurance card. Nor will they. Then when they go to cancel, it's next to impossible to do so and the scammers continue to take money out of your account or they continue to bill your credit card.

The folks at Simple Health, allegedly have set up fake reviews on the internet that show the Blue Cross Blue Shield logo.

Remember, the professional thieves are really good at making documents from Ebay, Google, and any other legitimate business look real, but they're not.

Should you receive a call like this, don't fall for it. Hang up the phone and go to their website and research them before you surrender your personal information and get left holding an empty bag.


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