Maine has a lot of strange things to see, including some really big, and unique chairs! 

Some of these chairs have people in them, some are made for you to sit in, and some are just odd. Have you seen any of these chairs in Maine?

One of the most famous chairs in Maine is this one in Kittery. It recently got a makeover and looks better (and safer) than ever!

This isn't an actual chair, but it is a rock formation called 'Devils Chair' near Waterville. It is a popular hiking destination in the summer in Quarry Road Recreation Area, and winter visitors often use this as an area to practice ice climbing!

This is probably the most well known chair on the list! Henry Longfellow has claimed this chair in Longfellow Square, Portland. It must be a really comfy chair because he never leaves it.

Have you ever sat in this chair in Holden before a race around the track at Big Jake's Go-Karts?

This one probably hasn't been seen by very many people because it is located on a rock just off Witch Island, near South Bristol. This chair is up high so it is unaffected by the changing tides, but it looks like weather has gotten to the bear.

Share your chairs! Did we miss any big, strange, or interesting chairs in Maine? Share them in the comments!

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