Right now in Maine, there's almost no place to hide from the political ads currently running. Seemingly every other commercial on television, radio or the internet features congressional candidates for the election that is quickly approaching. Not quick enough for some, who have reached their limit when it comes to these political attack ads. So what do you do when you're fed up? If you're a pair of meteorologists at NewsCenterMaine, you create your own attack ads against each other in jest.

Shared on YouTube by NewsCenterMaine, it's a showdown between Todd Gutner and Keith Carson in some political spoof theater. If you're a frequent watcher of NewsCenterMaine, you know that Gutner and Carson take lighthearted jabs at one another on air and via social media somewhat regularly, so the fact that they are front and center in these spoof attack ads shouldn't be terribly surprising.

The "attacks" in the ads are generally the same material the two meteorologists rib each other over often. Gutner's generally positive outlook on weather forecasts as well as his love of eating a "warm" lobster roll are the genesis of Carson's 'attacks'. Quite frankly, Gutner could have used his entire 'attack' ad on Carson's ill-fitting suits and viewers would have been totally satisfied. Probably could have launched an offensive against Carson's borderline yoga poses during his forecasts but that's a discussion for another time.

So if you've become exhausted from the political attack ads, say hello to newsroom infighting attack ads. Really looking forward to the husband and wife square off between Lee Nelson and Cindy Williams next.

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