When it comes to Halloween candy almost everyone has an opinion as to what is the BEST Halloween candy to get. We polled you, our listeners, to find out what candy is at the top of your list and here are the top 10.

2021 Best Halloween Candy

Number 10 - Mounds

Good ole Mounds makes the list but maybe it's the lack of nuts that held it back some but those of you that don't feel like a nut chose this candy favorite coming in at number 10 on our list
Number 9 - Twizzlers

Yea, you probably reach fo these more in the movie theater than on Halloween but enough of you enjoy the cherry flavor mini Twizzlers to bring them in at number 9
Number 8 - Milky Way

I knew we would strike chocolate somewhere along the way but I was surprised that Milky Way beat out the 3 Musketeers since that extra bit of caramel makes it delightful but when it came down to it, Milky Way came in at number 8
Number 7 - 3 Musketeers

Interesting that more people prefer the 3 Musketeers bar more than the previous Milky Way but when you really want to get your nugget on, this is the way to go, and why it is our number 7 top pick
Number 6 - Almond Joy

Oh what a difference an almond makes. In this case it is four solid slots ahead of it's no nut sibling, Mounds, and well, let's admit it...most of us feel more like a nut, than not. And that lands Almond Joy at number 6
Number 5 - Candy Corn

Coming in right in the middle of the pack, Candy Corn just happens to be Kristi Marie's #1 choice. Once all the votes were tabulated however the orange Candy Corn made a very respectable appearance at number 5 on our list.
Number 4 - Twix

I must say Twix is certainly one of my favorites, something about that yum yum caramel and cookie crunch really hits home for me, and many others putting Twix at number 4 on our list
Number 3 - Skittles

Yes...taste the rainbow, who doesn't enjoy those lil candy coated flavor bombs that just go down so easily and have you begging for more. It's no wonder that Skittles makes it into the top 3

Number 2 - Snickers

For me, I think I would have to have snickers as my number 1. There is just so much going on in this candy bar, and I personally love to chill the bar giving it a "snap" when i bite into it. There is no wonder why Snickers are usually one of the fist candy bars to be eaten and that puts it at number 2
Number 1 - Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Yes, it's true, these lil cups of joy won the top spot and by a healthy margin too. Doesn't seem to matter if it's the minis or the full size cups...topping our list for 2021...Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Some honorable mentions that just missed our list are Kit Kats, another one of my favorites. Also, Milk Duds, not really my thing cuz they are always stuck in my teeth, and finally I thought Butterfingers were going to make the top 10 but not this year.

Happy Halloween & Happy Trick or Treating!

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