Do you ever just stare at it, afraid of the neighbors?

When I still lived in Bangor, we had a fairly small driveway, so I used to just fire up the trusty old snow blower, and fire off those flakes into the stratosphere. We also lived in a pretty residential neighborhood, and most folks operated in the same fashion. Except for the folks who had their tiny driveways plowed, which seemed ridiculous.

But there was this one neighbor across the road, who never said a word about me firing up the machine at 5:00am to clear the driveway, but she'd always open the curtain, seemingly stare out the window in disbelief, and then stormed off, closing the curtain angrily. Honestly, it made me laugh my butt off. Yes, she was a plow customer.

So how early is too early?

When I was driving into town yesterday morning, I saw a dude out blowing out his driveway, and it got me thinking about that lady across the street. Which led me to wondering what you think is too early? Are you that guy? Or are you the one being tortured by an inconsiderate neighbor, trying to get to work. How dare they?!

So here's a poll to see what you think. Personally, I couldn't care less what anyone does in their own yard. These days, my driveway is so big, I have to have it plowed, but my neighbors are so far away, I could care less about their noise. Though some may hate it when my generator drones on, mocking all those with no power.

So maybe I'm still kind of a jerk. But, you gotta figure that most folks would rather not be out blowing the driveway at 5:00am. Nobody says to themselves, "How can I create a crap-ton of work for myself before I got to work?" So maybe if you fall in the aggravated category, consider getting over yourself? It might help...

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