My wife, Nelly, has transformed into a recycling virtuoso, fully immersed in the art of sorting. Our kitchen kind of resembles a recycling center, complete with boxes and baskets designed for various materials.

It's not just about separating paper and plastic anymore; Janelle has ventured into the realms of cardboard, glass, and beyond.

At this rate, I half expect my loving wife to launch her own recycling empire. It's become her pet project, and a labor of love if you will.

Plus, I've gained a newfound education for the environment and a crash course in what's recyclable and what's not in the state of Maine. Who knew recycling could be so enlightening?

However, upon learning about all the things you can recycle on, some materials are downright hazardous and demand special treatment. It's like they have a VIP pass to recycling and require an exclusive, specialized approach.

For example, there are common sense items that you need to recycle in a special way like batteries, cell phones, newspapers, or magazine, but there are also items that are dangerous, and that is what we will cover today.

Furthermore, we'll visit items that are nationally banned for regular recycling as well, according to Waste Advantage Mag. 

For further information on recycling specific household items and materials, click here.

Below are some items deemed too hazardous for your regular recycling bin in Maine.

Recycling Don'ts: Items Too Harmful for the Regular Bin in Maine

Below are the items deemed too hazardous for your regular recycling bin in Maine.

Gallery Credit: Lizzy Snyder

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