The social media influencer is all the rage now. Content creators on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok create videos in hopes that viewers subscribe, share and "smash that like button" to build their audience in hopes that get discovered.

If they do and have enough of an audience, they can reach the status of an influencer where companies will pay them to say good things about their products and feature them in their videos. Some do it well and others, not so much.

But regardless of how good the content is, it's all about "the reach." If a content creator can reach a large enough audience, they can make a lot of money hawking everything from clothing to teeth whitener.

Sometimes though, you can reach a large audience just but making fun of those influencers like New York stand-up comedian Christoper Barnes has done.

On his Instagram and TikTok pages, he has created parody videos of influencers, speaking like so many of them do in that sort of nasally, snotty kind of way as he does reviews of national brand stores like T.J. Maxx, Dollar Tree, Kohl's, Macy's and even Maine's very own L.L. Bean.

His videos show a walkthrough of the store and his voiceover describes his thoughts on the store, parodying influences by mimicking them. The L.L. Bean video isn't the actual flagship store in Freeport, it's one of their 18 other stores in the country. As part of his parody, Barnes doesn't call it L.L. Bean. He calls it "Lou Lou Bane," so you can see where he's going with this. Saturday Night Live couldn't do a better parody than this.

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